2018 Ocean Cup - Trinidad & Tobago Great Race


Jul 23, 2010
Trinidad & Tobago Great Race :: UIM Speed Record :: August 18, 2018 :: 2018 Ocean Cup Announced

A dare was thrown down and Nigel Hook and Jay Johnson have taken up the gauntlet accepting the challenge to compete in the 50th Anniversary of The Trinidad & Tobago Great Race August 18, 2018. This historic event, with more than 40 boats registered, is a one-way endurance race beginning in the Port of Spain, navigating around Trinidad, before heading over the horizon to the finish in front of Store Bay, Tobago. The #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook will be racing against the famous Fountain Cat Killer -- the only other V-hull registered -- and at least six of the world’s fastest catamaran hulls including Victory, Skater, Mystic, and Doug Wright which are boasting monstrous power supplied by Mercury Racing, Jon Kaase Racing Engines, and others.

After Hook and Johnson established a Guinness World Record and set APBA/UIM Speed Records from Key West to Cuba (1hr, 18min, 3secs) and back during the 2017 Ocean Cup, the duo began looking for their next challenge. Their focus quickly centered on an event first held in 1969, The Trinidad & Tobago Great Race, one of the longest consecutively held powerboat races in the world. Hook’s team began working closely with the Trinidad and Tobago Power Boat Association (TTPBA) and with the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) to incorporate this historic event into the UIM’s 2018 calendar as a sanctioned speed record.

"We’re upping the ante this year -- there are very few venues which have achieved such a long legacy and now, with a UIM World Speed Record being established alongside The Great Race, a unique opportunity has been created. This will be a great challenge because frequently only 50% of the competitors make it to the finish line" said Hook. "We’re looking forward to rough water and fierce competitors, and to forging lasting friendships. The Great Race is the perfect showcase for the #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook!"

Satcom Direct, provider of global connectivity solutions, has rejoined the Lucas Oil team by fully integrating satellite equipment with the t3lemetry system and will be supporting the live broadcast of data and audio from the command center during The Great Race. Fans around the world will be able watch the speeds, GPS position, engine data, heart rates, and listen to the shore-to-cockpit conversations of the #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook. Hook says "This is fantastic! And thanks to Satcom Direct, once again we will be transmitting IoT data LIVE via satellite from the deep blue water up to IBM’s Cloud. Fans around the world will remain connected as Jay and I head out over the horizon to Tobago."

Preparing for an international event requires a lot of support. Striping Service and Supply, Official Decals & Graphics Supplier of #77 Lucas Oil SilverHook, ensure the A77 and other decals are top notch. Crowley Maritime, Official Transportation Sponsor of the 2018 Ocean Cup, will be loading SilverHook, supporting parts, and equipment onto the AS Fabrizia (call sign CQIU3) later this week to be received by Kadir Mahaboob, Managing Director of Mission Speed & Audio, Lucas Oil’s authorized Trinidad & Tobago distributor, who has been helping the team navigate customs and logistics. Mahaboob says "We are very excited and privileged to have the Lucas Oil SilverHook Racing Team here to compete in the 2018 Great Race, to see them out in the waters of Trinidad & Tobago would be a spectacle and, if everything goes their way on race day, they should be the first boat to Tobago."

So mark your calendars for 8am EST, August 18th to connect up with the 2018 Ocean Cup – Trinidad & Tobago Great Race / UIM World Speed Record event. Fair winds and following seas!
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