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Mar 15, 2004
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There's a 23 Phantom for sale,been converted from inboard to outboard with a 225 Yam on Boats and Outboards £3700. Sorry I don't know how to attach the link. It's down in Marchwood near Southampton.
Mmmnn, doesn't say what year it is, sounds cheapish, unless it's an original P 23 from the 70's!
Spoke to the guy earlier, he says it's a late 80's boat that started off life as a sterndrive that he's converted to take an outboard. :eek:

Wouldn't really suit my purpose anyway.
Phantom didn't make a 23 in the late 80's:aaahhh: that'll be a nice 70's/early 80's 23', there was a couple built with Volvo Speedmaster 'E' drives and Chrysler V8's, one also got a Mike Bellamy 'LM' surface drive and 3.8 straight six Jaguar engine (put together my Mike himself).

They were a little too easy to stuff if not driven with total commitment :speechles
I think he said it was a Volvo, but it had long since expired before he got it.
When Steve retired, and closed down the factory at Sittingbourne, he was sorting through all the bits and bobs he'd accumulated over the 30 odd years of building/racing, this baby (12" dia) Radice Surface piercing prop (now an ornament in my house) came from the back of a store room there, and was originally on the back of a Volvo speedmaster/Chrysler powered 23 race boat from the 70's


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Slight act of sacrelige I feel has occured if this guy has butchered one of these surface drive boats.

He said he bought it all off a marine engineer.

Would've almost suited me if it was still an inboard boat.
I love the lickle hedgehogs on the coasters. And where did you get your candleholder? :D

Maybe you could create a section for 'home decor' chat and tips?
They're from Angelas 'hedgehog phase'!
jon fuller said:
They're from Angelas 'hedgehog phase'!

One evening last summer we had the patio doors open as it was quite hot. We heard a sort of snuffling grunting noise so we went outside to investigate. It was 2 hedgehogs having it away in our back garden!!!

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