3C Alive and well!


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Mar 13, 2004
poole dorset
Congratulations to Mr & Mrs White for their 2nd place in the European Championships. Good results too for Martin Weekes (4th) and Brian & Pat (5th). Good showing by all the Brit teams.
The only thing that amazes me is how the Italians can entice 6 teams to travel 1700 mile round trip when the RYA could only manage 4 boats for Scotland. A lesson to be learned?
Think I know which venue I would rather go to!

Really sorry that we could not make it and missed out on the Italian adventure. C-18 was still not quick enough to warrant making the journey, although it will not be that long now before we are on the pace!

Just shows what a good class 3C can be and how it does give international competition.

Well done to Richard & Paula and all the Brits.


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