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Mar 13, 2004
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After listening to all the crap that has been flying around regarding OUR RACING, do we need to all get together and have a natter at Cardiff and make OUR VIEWS known?? No place for anybody who says yes and then when the heat is on suddenly goes with the party view.
Sounds good - to start with I guess we need to get a common set of proposals from the class and try to find out what everybody wants, from courses to rules to promotion etc. Not going to please everybody all the time - but need a general set of ideas.

Also think it is important that we do not just look at the negatives but also try to work on the positives of 3C and see how we are going to use those to our advantage and promote the class better.

There is a lot more that we can do as a class. The way V24's promote theirselves is very good - but we could learn from them. I think we need more of an identity, a class logo, pit flags class logo's around. We could also jointly pay for a class programme for the season (at least we would all be in it then!!) so these could be given away at races etc. Lots could be done fairly cheaply but effectively.

I've set up a specific subforum for this subject, so hopefully it can stay focused, and 'on top'

It would'nt as you say Adam, have to cost the earth. If we could levey each boat £200 say and use the generated funds to promote ourselves. I know some will say its too much and would not participate so they just get left out of the promotion package. The big thing would be who would administer the fund. Any takers????
I would be interested in administrating things -although time is always tight. It would be good to have a class newsletter as well to keep everyone up to date on whats happening - also including those people who have 3C boats but have not raced them for some time - or people who are only doing the basic races.

Think we could also get some way by using skills / facilities of the people who race 2 litre as well. For example Val Bryant could be useful with printing of vinyls etc. I'm sure there is plenty more.

Perhaps see what the interest is at Cardiff. Are you going Chris?

We sure are. Be afraid, be very afraid!!!

Good man Adam, I will give all the asssistance I can. We have the best kept secret in motor sport available to us. Lets get this going.
Did you get to Cardiff Chris? You're not usually that easy to miss!
I certainly think that something should be done to get it into the Media more. How/Whether that can be done i do not know but if we can the medias attention and invite them to races so that they are aware of the racing, then that may encourage people into the sport. Also building a website may help in a way that people debating whether or not to go into the class can go onto the site view information, pictures, and what have you may help their decision.
I think there is lots that can be done to improve the 3C racing, but how we go about doing that i am not sure?

Will Nurse
recieved this months copy of mby last night and not one word about the cowes classic in it........sorry tell a lie in the letters to the editor there was one guy saying how bad it was this year

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