3C - Time for action


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Mar 15, 2004
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After years of being pushed / taken for granted around by organisers and the RYA things came to a head for the 3C (2 Litre) class at Cowes.

We have raced there for as long as I can remember, never particuarly wanted by the organisers - but it is Cowes! Anyway this year we did not even get a mention in the program! Just the final straw really.

I have for some time been saying we need to do something about promoting the class - or it could disappear. I believe that would be a great shame as it is probably the only active class that truly promotes freedom of design and offers true international competition. We have had between 8 and 10 boats racing this season which is still not enough - but still makes us one of the biggest classes (perhaps tells you what is wrong with a lot of racing!)

Anyway we had a drivers meeting and tried to make things as positive as possible. Yes, there are a lot of problems with the sport / organisers and we are not going to change all over night. However we can do a lot more to help and a united class sharing ideas is a lot stronger and will have more influence.

There are many issues to address from the name of the class (we are no longer 2 litre after all), to courses, costs, promotion, image bringing in new competitiors, venues.

It is not an attempt to rubbish other classes or start a new club - just promote what is a great class of racing.

Many positives have come out of it already - and hopefully more ideas will form soon.

At the moment Debra France is going to keep the competitors informed of news.


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