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Mar 15, 2004
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A couple of shots of the new World Champion - Thomas Wrenkler.

Running very clean and very fast.


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second shot


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Adam, what boat is that? it looks like a huge Argo, but I didn't think they made em that big.
Hi Jon

It is a Twister - apparently takes a bit of chop better than an Argo but not quite as quick in flat clam. However the way TW was going in calm water I think it would have to be like a mirror for the Argo's to get ahead.

I will sort out some more shots of the other boats.

Re engine

Thomas Wrenkler was using an optimax - and was fairly singing it's praises. He certainly thought the extra mid-range power (500cc more capacity than the XR2's) made a lot of difference to overall performance. Want one for my boat now!

Otherwise there were still plenty of XR2's, some Optimax's and about three Yamaha V Max 200's. One of the boats (Argo) was quite quick with a Yamaha but the engine seemed to be waiving around on too soft mounts which was not doing anything for handling!

how does yours perform with the 140 suzuki??

fairly guttsy motors eh?? and thirsty?

I'm saving my pennies for a 2000 or newer pro max...........i hope to take delivery by 2010!
no CC the Suzuki is on the RIB and the XR2 is on the Cat! Its the XR2 I would like to change for an Optimax.

Another photo of a Finnish twister running an XR2 (came 5th overall) and a Norwegian Twister with a canopy (came 8th overall).


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I gather a lot of the Scandinavians used "Aspen fuel" despite assurances that they wouldn't! Was Thomas using it as well or straight pump fuel?

I stayed at the same hotel as Thomas in Norway and he is a nice guy and I believe a worthy champion.
To be honest I'm not sure who was using what fuel - but the whole issue was about to escalate when I left. I was only there for one day of racing as we were making a holiday of it and travelling around. The Islands between Stockholm and Nynashamn are incredible!

I believe Roy put a protest in about the organisers allowing it to be used - which was upheld - but apparently some carried on using the fuel.

At the same time there are two types of Aspen and Thomas assures me that one is fully legal. Certainly agree that Thomas was a worthy winner and a really nice guy. He is also a very good driver and will always get the most from his equipment regardless of the weather.
Hi Matt
Should be getting some more pictures of my boat this week, so will sort some out.

It has been a long slog with this boat - but at last is starting to show some of it's potential. The boat is fairly radical for a cat and as such some of the features have not worked quite as I had hoped.

The whole concept is to achieve a good handling boat that can keep up high average speeds in all conditions. She is a pretty big boat for her class and we have probably over-built her. Certainly weight has been a problem - although we have now got it down closer to the original target.

Features that are of interest include the tunnel design, which apart from being wide is a modified section, hull steps and various details.

Looking forward to the Cowes event where I think we can make a step forward - are you going over for that Matt?

adam, was that a 200hp optimax they were using?? are they legal for f2?? cause arent they 3032cc ie more than 3ltr?? also are they using sportsmaster gboxes and short shaft or standard opti??


Hi Glen
It was the 200hp Optimax - but they are 2507cc so all OK as they are a 'green' engine.

They were running the engines as Short shaft. This would be where I would have to do a bit more work on my boat as we run a standard shaft. By all accounts the optimax on a short shaft gives better performance than the standard shaft, which does not have the benefit of the mid unit exhaust.

Another shot from Sweden - this time the Argo of Marcus Johnsson - who came third overall.


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Yes the XS200 Opti.

Another Argo - also running very clean but not quite on the pace!


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Your direction change towards cats is quite noticable (ie, every pic a cat) have you completely lost interest in monos?
Hi Jon

Yes and no!

The cat is pretty much dominating my racing thoughts at the moment as it is something I have to crack and get right.

On the other hand I have designed a new two litre mono and could go ahead with building if I had a customer. It has actually been quite close to happening for the last couple of winters but then not got the go ahead (or deposit).

The mono is a fairly natural development from my last boat - but obviously improved in all directions. It would be nice if it did come off. In actual fact I have just heard that my old two litre boat has just been sold and will return to racing - still will be the boat to beat if it turns rough.

Also worked on the design of a ProVee boat last winter - but again did not get the full go ahead.


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