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Nov 20, 2004
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The soon to be relased Merc 600.....


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Nice!..all I need, is for it to run on Diesel! :dizzy:
Too Old said:
The soon to be relased Merc 600.....

Well F*ck it,

There goes the ozone layer over Bulgaria.:well:
Too Old said:
Maybe. But I noticed his website is short on component details.:eek: :D
lol I've not seen another engine builder who will post pics of his work like Info does. He'll build you a motor with anything you want in it and beat anyone else's price by thousands of dollars. He wants volume, not huge profit margins. The fact that he works out of his garage has a lot to do with his low prices. That's how Mike D'Anniballe of Sterling started you know. He is also moving in the twin-turbo direction, as is Leon Derebery of Derebery Marine on Lake Texoma.

Ron is moving his shop into a new building, but he told me he has no plans to increase prices in the near future.

Will you be attending the Miami show?
Matt, TD and myself will be there too, probably do Marriott marina bit on the 17th, and convension centre on the 18th