A Mercury Engine for a race Car


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Dec 18, 2012

Just joined the Forum since I am looking for a 300hp+2 stroke engine to power my new Hillclimb & Sprint racecar. I have a brand new OMC V8 on reserve in the USA but costs of converting to Fuel/oil Injection etc are mounting.

So does anybody have a Mercury or ? powerhead for sale. Model 300 X or XS is what I looking at.

Need just the engine + injectors + fuel pump, oil injection system, flywheel and starter. Will re engineer with Emerald mappable ECU .


I posted the above in the Classified section, probably should have been in this section?

Anyway from the replies I got to the above, it appears that I am searching for the wrong model/type of engine to use.

So can anyone point me towards the correct model/year etc. for a Mercury or ? 2 stroke with non direct fuel injection (ie port not head), oil injection, removable exhaust manifold ( I need to fit expansion chamber type exhausts) and circa 300hp as standard? Either V6 or V8 configuration with either rotation.

Any info appreciated.

Thanks to those that replied via PM.

Just found and got a Promax 300X so lets see how it performs
Nice one. I wouldn't really want to run an xs on an aftermarket efi.
Found this on scream and fly, turbo charged, methanol injected 2.4 efi bridgeport



Thanks Scooby_Hugh

I just need some more time to spend searching the web - its all there - somewhere!
did you get anywhere with this?

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