Antenna Help !


Jun 27, 2004
Antenna Help !

Can anyone advise me how i can test an external chartplotter (gps) antenna ? ( std & supplied with an Icom ML-360 ) ...

Was working fine but now cannot fix a position ( only been used 3 times !!! )

I assume there should be "some" resistance between the inner & outer core of the coax... ( like on the VHF ) but it shows none,

any help would be appreciated as i can't find any info about it
Icom have just posted this ... kinda explains why it was working saturday and not sunday :confused:

wonder how long it wil take them to find a fix :angry:

"Known Issue:
Icom america is currently aware of a problem with the GP360 chart plotter causing the units to remain in sky search mode and not lock-in on a position. We are urgently working to find a solution. This malfunction is only affecting the GP360 chart plotter since the afternoon of 7/17/2004. We will post updates on our website once a solution is found."
It looks like the GPS's is as reliable as the ray dee ho's that they make:down:
Not happy with your radios then then wave ? surely all of them can't be mal functioning ? you have a fleet of them :frown:

that nice Mr Brooks needs to have a chat with you

Not for much longer Pete!

I like Jon Brooks a lot but i wouldn't buy another of his Fkkn radios.

I have been waiting nearly 2 months now for them to be repaired.

Oh well they seem to have found a "FIX" on it's way back to America.. ( wonder when i'll see it again ?? )

Known Issue:
Icom America now has a fix for the recent problem that prevented the GP-360 from obtaining positions. The fix is a firmware update. To obtain quickest repair, the units should be sent in to Icom America. Customers should send their GP-360's in for updating to:

GPS Update
Icom America
2380 116th Ave NE
Bellevue WA 98004

Icom America will return ship the updated unit using the same method it was received (eg. Customer ships UPS red, Icom America will return UPS red). All data in the GPS (waypoints, etc.) will be lost during the update.
Don't sound to good if your the owner of a grey one!!!
spoke to them today & they said it would be returned within 24hrs of them receiving it ( to the UK ) Free of charge !!

maybe Icom are ok after all ! ( we shall see....)
Well i suppose "Icom" aren't that bad after all , took a chance and sent it back even though it had no warranty in the UK

It was returned to my shop ( at a cost to them of $82.00 )

the day after i went on holiday :D ( 7 days in total )

refitted it today and all works fine :cool:

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