any body got ?

Do you mean the bit with the swirl on it? a bendix

And do you know if it's unique to the XR drive? it may be the same part as a regular Bravo, and would be a hell of a lot easier to get if it was.

And of course, why do you need one?
wot do you mean? you were recovering the boat with the trailer, and a prop hit summit, or what
simon johnston said:
yes and it only fits the XR and XZ range

Xz!, is it poss that it shares also with the 'X' drive, they are about (parts)
i didnt hit any thing i just went forwards and backwards a couple of times , no bang , no noise just couldn't get drive... took the boat out and spun the prop by hand and it was tight on the shaft...... slit the lower casing off and found the upper shaft had sheered just above the barrel that joines the upper and lower shaft together
matt... thats the part no. ive ordered from the states but they said it was for the XR and XZ so i dont know ..... if any one has got one over here now i will buy it to get back on the water
If it's the same as a regular Bravo, TD probably has one
I can only imagine.....

"I just double checked, it does look like it's a common part."

(posted by machew)



limited tech knowledge of course...
but i think the XR has straight cut upper gears compared to XZ and X..
That's correct, the part Simon's after, is the shaft the fwd and rev straight cut gears live on.
there 3 XZ drives on the back of Carr's ex baja 40....
just go down there and borrow one, boat hasnt been used for 3 years!!!
I was told yesterday it's back in the water, all mended! some unsuspecting fella will buy it I guess
yes had a good look round it last wkend it was next to that looovely ciggie mistress nice combination...

the hull had all been repaired and polished up...
it is a lovely looking boat shame its made out of papermasha (spelling?)

surely leaving hp500s for 3 years without any use is gonna cause long term problems??

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