Anyone interested in starting drag racing in Scotland ?


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Dec 9, 2020
I am looking to start a Drag Racing club. Now this will not be for full on drag boats, it will be aimed at a lower level it would be in a bracket based race.
So boats say in the 40mph class will race against other 40mph boats.
This is just in the early stages so just seeing if there is any interest out there.
Would like to have an idea if any one would be up for it. May have a stretch of water sorted out. I'm working on all the rules ect ect. Look at running the same as the upper Midwest powerboat association rules in the usa.
Hopefully be a thing some others would be into.
Perfect will be talking to a couple of folks during the week.
The more people interested the better.
One of the Lochs has a campsite right next to the water and a couple of big caravan parks within 10 miles.

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