? anyone know the capacity of fuel tank ?


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Dec 18, 2011
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iv got a 19ft bernico i need to know how many litres the tank holds so i can use my smartcraft gauge to work out how much iv used, i always just fill it when im goin out but theres always some left in anyone know what tank sizes are, would really help IMAG0182.jpg heres the boat
Email Nico !!
Drain it and then fill, easy !

That's what I was thinking :) I did that with mine, then drained it down as low as I could again into a tank to measure how much I the pipe could actually reach.
Or you could simply messure it.
Length x hight x depth = capacity

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Not easy if its built in under the floor and v shaped
Thanks for all the replies, well i was goin to drain it and refil just thought i would try on here first as somone might of had the same boat, i will drain today and check, i cant measure its built in v shape under the floor the filler is on the middle of floor just behind front seats, thanks for the replies fellas
All Bernicos have different size tanks depending on what engine it was going to have in the first place. they will range anything from 70 ltrs to 120 ltrs I would think. try sending Nico an email saying it was the old purple Rain F3 boat and he may well have the details however I'm sure it would be alot quicker to drain the tank and then measure it as you put the fuel back in, I use a simple wooden dipstick for mine with markings on it for every 40ltrs but you will be able to mark 20ltr easy maybe even every 10!
Thanks burty for the tip, goin to make A DIP stick and mark 10 20 30 ect never thought of that lol, cheers pal

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