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Captain Chaos

The Doc
Mar 12, 2004
where i may get a really high res version of the (soon to be defunked) Boatmad logo :rolleyes:
very large psd on it's way to you....nob
Jon Fuller said:
very large psd on it's way to you....nob

Couldn't do that to him a few weeks ago, phone line would be busy for hours.

CC b'bands the dog's eh!
i've had to upload using my Vodafone mobile connect card! coz he's an impatient nobba
And a bit of a nob for deleting it in the first place. Probably just as well you're sending him a new one - the old one was probably green with purple drop shadow. :bolt: <img src=''/>
your right eye will be black with a purple drop shadow in a minute tosspot!

huggs and kisses to you as well Jonny!