At last

Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28


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Hope all goes well with the launch. Have a great weekend - reckon you deserve it after all the work you've put in.

I'll shut up now cos I'm being far too nice! :D :puker: :D
Pray tell, is that a Lightning I see in front of the P28?
No, it's TD's new Rouche (? spelling) F150, looks like a lightning, but aint supercharged, just a few goodies and chip'd up to 340hp, bling-bling wheels, n fury dice
Yeh, think I know the one you mean. Jack Roush raced Fords for years (drag racing, Trans Am and is now I think involved in the Ford Indy programme or something similar.

Saw a great truck at Warsash today. Dodge 1500 Ram Hemi. Unfortunately, it was towing a sale bote.
Ned said:
Unfortunately, it was towing a sale bote.

As in, a boat that's for sale, or a sail boat? if the latter, obviously a nobber:lol:lol:
The second more unpalatable option. The guy wasn't even friendly when I complemented on his choice of vehicle and engine option.

Maybe he was pissed off that he hadn't bought an SRT10 Ram instead.
:no: :D

Naughty, Essex Navee!!! :D

I just cant beleive Tony would buy a H-reg!

Or dya reckon that boy Fuller would break the law?
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Never mind Cap'n Birdseye - I'm gonna be calling you Cap'n Eagleeyes from now on! :D
att lasst att lasst

wot doo yew meen att fkin lasst.

eny ****t cann dryve der fkin bote dowen de 3M

wee wonna sea sum pikks ov de bastud fing inn de worter

gett wiv de fkin prowgramm yew scrowte


dis waz edytid cuz i maid a spelin misstaik
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