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Nov 25, 2012
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Hi all its been a while, slow progress but here are a few pics of original rotten transom then the new one ! ( no cut out as going to put a jack plate on )


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Awesome progress.
What's the original history of this boat ?
Hi There, When i bought this wreck it was sold to me as Robins Folly circa 69-71 but i am not convinced ! i am told owned by Edward Fattorini before he sold it and went on to race Big Ed Too very succesfully , then another chap before Les Seed had a second place at Whitby with it after that don't know where it went ? RF had a 1350 straight six merc on when raced but i have not decided on a motor as yet,


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Looks like you are doing a great job

Looks like you are put a lovely finish on that boat.

I have been running what I thought was an Avenger 21 for the last 25 years just as the family ski boat.
Funny thing is it doesn't look quite like yours topsides?
It has a Mercury 200 and it is good for 60 mph when everything is working nicely.

It has been a very good boat handling some very rough water but the ride tends to be a very wet and hard.
Does anyone have anyone have any history on Avenger? "Liss SS293"?

hi the knees if that's what they are called look like metal in your pictures is this something that I could do on my bayliner transom rebuild also looks like metal plate direct onto back of transom board what material is it also have you got pictures or can you run through how you built and finished transom the finish looks outstanding don't really know how to navigate site pretty new to computers and also in depth fibre glass repairs so any info tips pit falls would be great I am on here as boatpain and have posted transom trouble have uploaded pictures as well ps my name is dave
Hi Dave,
They are indeed called knees mine are stainless steel and the plate, i thought it would be stronger with the braces which are connected to the boats main stringers also, as you can see from second photo my transom was totally gone but expected as its a 1969 boat, i left approx 60mm of original hull fibreglass all the way around hull then epoxyd two 25mm pieces of marine ply together and sealed it all with resin, before fitting you need to fully clean and prep etc the old fibreglass you are going to fix new transom to, next i tabbed some csm to the inside of boat being carefull not to wet the matting which i overhung the original 60mm of hull i left on , if i can find a picture i will post it, next you can stick the new ply transom in with a product called freefix which sets in approx 30mins i also used stainless screws to fix round edges as you will be covering these later with filler etc, next put a couple of sheets of matting on the whole inside of transom and the four layers of tabbing round the edge starting with approx 8inch down to about 2 in on the last run, now back to outside and wet out the tabbing you did earlier to the ply and glass the whole outside of transom, then i had a sheet of 3mm black gelled fibreglass sheet made which i stuck onto transom filled the gap with filler and spray gelled the whole hull ! i would not recommend spray gelling unless you have a free year to rub the whole thing down to a glass finish !
rightly or wrongly thats how i did it and so far very pleased with finish,
as you can see from first picture i have grafted on the rear of another in board Avenger as my well was shot , i am fitting an outboard but it will be on a hydraulic lifter which is now fitted, you may not need to cut all your fibreglass outer skin out , can you post some pictures ?
cheers for now and good luck.


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thanks for reply my grandson has put pictures on here as i am 58 year old computer numpty i think they are in threads posted as transom trouble boatpain great if you could look give any advice on what you see like the look and strength of what you have done with yours like to see pictures of process as you went along thanks again dave / boatpain
morning could you tell me whos product free fix is please many thanks dave boatpain
ec fibreglass supplies in south shields, they have a very good website,
i will pm you some more pics later
There was an Avenger 21 at the boat show today.
More on the Avenger 21 at the boat show today.

"Built in1971, 'Easy Rider' a Class 111E Avenger 21 powerboat, built by The Avenger Boat Company and powered by a 6 cylinder Volvo inboard engine. Designed by Don Shead, the Avengers were the boats to beat in the 1970s.
Driven buy Keith Dallas with navigator Frank Tobert, 'Easy Rider' was the only boat to complete the full 1971 Putney - Calais race course. 31 boats set off on June 27 from the Thames Rowing Club at Putney. The A and B classes starting first and the other classes starting an hour later. Weather conditions at Ramsgate were deteriorating fast and there were several casualties on the first leg. Steve Baker in ' Phantom' powered by an 80hp Mercury outboard was the first to reach Ramsgate. The strong South Westerly wind was increasing and the sea was becoming rougher.
The next leg to Calais would offer some shelter down to the South Goodwin Lightship, then the boats would be exposed to the full force of the wind across the Chanel to Calais. Several of the boats turned back at this point and the organisers decided, in the interest of safety, to cancel that leg of the race. However, Steve Baker in 'Phantom' Nobby Neivens in 'Gold Hawk' and 'Easy Rider' were past the point of recall and all made it across to Calais. Instructions were sent to those who had arrived in Calais to remain there, but to everyone's horror back in Ramesgate, news came in that the 3 boats had decided to make the return crossing! After battling against the worsening conditions, the 2 smaller boats turned back to Calais, leaving 'Easy Rider' to power across alone, eventually arriving in Ramesgate to a hero's welcome.
The boats now raced back to London, with 'Easy Rider' finishing second, but the only boat to complete the full distance.
Later this year 'Easy Rider' hopes to re-run the London - Calais route. Starting at Putney with a planed stop in Ramesgate for refuelling before crossing the channel to Calais. Since 1971 a speed limit of 8 to 12 knots, on the Thames, has come into force, so the first leg of the journey will be a little slower that the original. The exact date for the trip will be dependant on the weather conditions, as a 46 year old boat deserves to be treated with respect. (So too do the crew!) The trip will be done to raise money for charity.
Fair play to these lads.

News & info for the planned crossing visit HOME - LondonCalais.
Avenger 21 update

I now have motor fitted and running i am really pleased with decals and paint job , hopefully in another couple of months can get the hull wet !


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Avenger 21 update 2018

nearly finished just waiting for screen chrome work to come back, does anyone know where i can get some pleated vinyl from at reasnable money ?


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Just picked up on this thread.

This project looks really cool: I’m just getting my head around the 1960’s/70’s boats and drivers. I love the DIY approach of the time; a bit like the racing of Aston Martin road cars. A little bit of cash and some good engineering. Some of the You Tube videos of the Cowes~Torquay are superb. I am refurbishing a short run Italian boat from 1990 at the moment. It is very much a classic deep v; 28ft and 8ft wide machine albeit with a v berth and galley. I know it from new and will be going back to an old school paint job; including a Union Jack! It ran 2x 225 Pro Max which I sold last year. I intend to go cruising with my very young boys and I love the look of your bow rails. The boat is in Christchurch, Dorset. Would you be able to help? Is the supplier local to you or are they original?
Avenger 21 update 2018

At last the old girl gets her bottom wet !


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Avenger 21 Resto

How absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Well done you sir.

I raced one of those in 1969/70/71 with varying degrees of success.

Thought i would update this thread, now running twin 115 adi mercs dressed as early red bands, much more reliable, IMG_8206.jpg