Awww, blesss!

Andy Pipkin said:
yeh, i know!

wot doo yew noe pikpin. doo yew reed de fkin gruniad orr wot.

wy downt yew cum onn saturdaiy nite an av sum lenntil soop an vol o vonts wiv de resst ov de creem ov KU powabotin an towny dayviss

Oooh, water pistols at dawn? :duell: :aaahhh:
Hey tough guy with the big mouth!


To the emotianlly mature it's fairly obvious that I didn't take kindly to being called a 'fkkn hipocrit' in the first instance and tried to leave this forum with some grace but you are making it difficult for me!.

I have in mind something a little more painful than water pistols at dawn but pistols at dawn would be just fkkn fine by me !

The game of knuckles involves standing toe to toe and whacking each others hands until one party gives in. It's a simple test of reflex, determination, character and pain management.

You are a lot youger than me , a lot taller than me and you seem better put together and obviously so much more quick witted so it should be an easy victory for you :confused: so why don't we have a little wager of a quid a hit paid by the overall loser ( he that cries enough after a minimum of 100 hits!). Any money raised would obviously go to a charity and it would be fun to do at the Boatmad Video Night cos we can get some side bets going.

Alternatively you can apologise but it would be much more fun if you didn't! Your call! :angry:
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It's 2005 (Happy New Year to you, Britt and Jasper)...

We have email, faxes, phones, many different conmmunication devices, but you are suggesting regressing 27,000 years to something a bit more neanderthal!

As for leaving "with some grace", then perhaps take some ballay lessons from gArfie?
Chill out dudes!
Like my first name - chilled!
This is all a bit silly.

My comment of 'hipocrite', was aimed at the fact the you said 'this stuff is bad for the perception of the site', then in the very same post, you called the site "Boatsneid"!

I felt this was hipocritical, and showed double standards, hence my comment. It wasn't in reaction to the main subject of the post.

Feck' me!...and no, that's not an invitation to the dodgey characters on this site...I thought all the fighting and bitching had finished on this site:bang: .... then up step Ice 'n Rogue to liven things up again.....:D . Seriously, dudes, you both seem to be decent "chaps" so just shake and walk away... or if you do insist on "knuckles" can I have a small bet on Stuart? Nothing against you Ice, but I've gotta bet on the guy who's knuckles are trained by years of scraping on the ground..:well:
Re: Hey tough guy with the big mouth!

Borldscratcher said:
tried to leave this forum with some grace but you are making it difficult for me!.

Richard was merely responding in a jokey, lighthearted manner to gArf's comment. If you had really wanted to leave with some grace then you need not have even announced you were leaving! Simply no longer posting/viewing is, IMHO, much more dignified than giving the old 'Right, that's it, I'm leaving' speech. And the fact that you replied this latest time proves that although you said you were leaving you did not - you still viewed the site!

I, too, wish you, Britt & Jasper a Happy New Year! And I'm looking forward to seeing you at the video night.

P.S. This is my one and only comment - I do not wish this thread to become a long drawn out battle thread!
Re: Re: Hey tough guy with the big mouth!

Mrs Nobber said:
This is my one and only comment

dats a bitt fkin unnoosuewal forr a binnt.

dat fkin rowgskracher iz a ippokrit.


sp. wots a ippokrit

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