Back together again

Petrol Head

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Mar 16, 2004
West Sussex
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Solent + south coast
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Black Widow
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Donzi 30' sportsboat
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Hey glad to see you got it back up!

Bin busy with a flippin Government phone switch, So I couldnt get over to try it out.

Some interestin posts too.

jackeen's Missus said:
What a star you were to offer accomodation to this lot during the blackout...

Thanks Steve


No probs!

But keep on with the ego development.

I cant afford a personality correction program...Ive got a boat.
jackeen's Missus said:
a personality correction program.... I've tried that

How did it go? :duell: :drain: :bolt:
Indecent Proposal

jackeen's Missus said:
I've tried that with a few of them here...doesn't work. Their disorders are entrenched!!!

Are you comin over on Sat?


The mind boggles. Can feel me foot itchin.

Over where?

Unless I can bunk off in the week, I am puttin' the lower units back on.
Petrol Head - bring Mr Firmin over with you as well.
Hitchin a ride

Might be Vise versa! :cry:

He's up an runnin.

Hang on over where what for?

IS it the Warsash thing????

Sorry...guess I assume everyone here visits RIBNET...

Jackso & I are lighting the BBQ on Sat eve and if the weather's anyway decent we're going for a spin in the Solent with some trolls ...
Please send PM if you're interested & that goes for the rest of you too...

Please check cruising thread on RIBNET (Solent 20th) Will post link again when feeling energetic.


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