Bang to rights

Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
We stumbled upon some dodgy goings on on Sunday!

Caught yet again by the camera, was the dynamic duo of Termite and Rogue, this time, messing about with bits of pipe and cans.

The Rogue appeared to be 'bathing' in the lovely red stuff, I think I'd rather try Goats Milk, but rogue always did like to be 'different'.

PS. Note the rather inviting puddle beneath the trailer!

Luckily the Rogue appears to be very 'absorbent'.

What are those boys like? :lol:lol: :seaman:


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Oops the secret is out, turns out Rogue has a degree in Chemicals after spending years studying the effects they had on rock stars and groupies. So what he has found is that if you mix petrol with 18% diesel the lubricating properties mean you don't need to use expensive optimax oil and instead can use ordinary 10/40w which runs the opti turbo much cooler helping to prolong the engines life.

Believe Matt is also considerin having a few drums of another mix delievered purely for investigative analysis you under stand.

Nice stainless steel barrels for sale, apply to Rogue, most mixes available. Suit Ribbers who want to dravel offshore.

Koof, :no:

wait until you here bout the next idea, Billy might be running on recycled chip oil, :frog:

The idea is to run a chip ship service at the poker runs so you turn up at a location and we offer fish and chips straight from the sea :drain:

Matt said:
Very suspishus activities. :wink:
Sherrif Booford T Joostice said it was OK

It's called bunkering Jono have you got a fuel bowser you don't need

JF I have the three barrels you ordered

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