Bare boat rib hire in the Solent area.

Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
Is there any bare boat hire firms in the solent area?

A pal of mine is looking to rent a RIB next week some time for a couple of days.

He want's a reasonably large boat, Ideally a minimum of 7 metre.

Can anyone give me any info on this.

we does do this
why dont you ask your mates on fibnet?

sorry jon couldn't resist!lol.
Thanks chaps, I did ask on ribnet, and they told me to fcuk off! not really, it's all sorted ta
is it sorted jon, theres a co out of calshot called specialist rib charter and they have 6.5m and 10.5m cobras, i thik the 6.5m are skipperless

you are correct. However i have never seen them take to the water yet! How do i know? Cos i can see them from my bedroom window.:lol:lol:

I have no idea why they appear to be under used. Price perhaps?
maybe....!! i have seen em screw up trying to get a 10.5m on a trailer b4 so i know they have got wet..

i could use u as security to keep an eye on my boat by the sound of it ;)

Are you at the Calshot Activity Centre?
yes i am.. not right now cause im on my pc but my boat is :D

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