bare hull and deck


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Apr 9, 2004
Does anyone know of a boatbuilder that would be prepared to sell just bare hull and deck for a boat 17' to 23' not necessarily for out and out speed but when weighted correctly would produce a good sized crisp wake at around 18 - 20 mph?

Please help :worthy:
We build a 20 ski/wakeboard center motor, a 21 i/o or outboard performance boat, and a 41 performance. We will build the boats in any stage the customer requests and all boats are custom built on orders only and therefore are each unique.

E-mail me at for info with a description of what your intention is for example ski,pleasure,sport, or small mix of all.

Beau Renfroe
Southern Offshore Boats
Cumming Georgia, USA
I have just bought the extreme 22ft catamaran moulds and would be interested in selling a bare hull and deck mouldings. Also in the near future would be able to supply a 20ft mono hull which can be outboard or inboard powered. If interested call me on 0032 53808381.

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