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Mar 12, 2004
Now, don't take the feckin' piss (fat chance of that here!), but does anyone marinise (sp?) the old Rover/Buick V8? If not, why not and if so, who?:tea:
ive seen a couple of rover v8's in jetboats but dont know who marinised them.maybe worth getting hold of sam at west end marine who made striker jet boats,he tried lots of different engines, maybe he can help.
I think Mke Bellamy does some marinising bits for Rovers (Lancing Marine) do you want their number?
Hi mi old man has done lots of Rover V8s were popular with ski boats at one time plus jet pump combos. Used Nixon cast Ally (Log) Manifilds & Risers + Indirect or Direct cooling.

Thought I would add this url for RPi for some serious Rover V8 performance & tuning - have used for mi old TVR now sadly languishing in mi garage.

Thank you loZer. Just what I'm looking for......:up:

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