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Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
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South Coast
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Phantom 28
Some time ago, Ben forwarded to me a huge collection of data that he'd collated over the years, documeting various boat tests, from various boat magazines.

I've finally gotten round to turning it into a PDF and uploading it to the server.

I expect it'll end up located somewhere on the media site (Matts department) but for now, I'll just stick it at the top of the list here for a while.

Thanks again Ben :up:

Bens Boat Test reports
any on a marshan 21 to save me installing adobe
No, It's 'mainly' Yank stuff. No Phantoms either :(
Yet another minor subcategorisation. Think I might stop ya creating new folders for each file. :dizzy: :hugegrin:

A taster of what's to come - Graham Stevens has just sent me race results of pretty much every significant race since 1956, over 1000+ HQ shots and a comprehensive list of builders+boats. It's an awesome archive - it's gonna take me a while to work with Graham and decide how best to present it all, but if I can even come close to doing justice to the wealth of info he has, it's gonna be something wicked!! :worthy:
Matt said:
Yet another minor subcategorisation. Think I might stop ya creating new folders for each file. :dizzy: :hugegrin:

I didn't create the folder, you did! I just poped the pdf in there.:wank:

And In that folder, there's five sub folders, and seven files.

How is that a folder for each file?
michaelcaine said: save me installing adobe
Isn't that a bit like saying "to save me putting air in the car tyres..." - you're going to have to do it sooner or later! :D :D
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Joe, hi.

Welcome to Boatmad!

For anyone who doesn't know, New member 'Anaconda', AKA Joe Donohoo, is the designer/builder of the cat 'Hospitality inns' spoken of in this thread.

He's also responsible for the design, and joint build of many other cats, including 'Hooper & Ashby', 'Fat Cat', 'Unipart', 'Aquaglide' and two class II 'Assagai's'. He's also the engineer behind many'a national, European, and World speed record.

Joe, sorry you had to see 'Hospitality' in this state! it must break your heart!

42 cigarette 3208 v8s cats

hi what should she do we are runing choppers
67 with a tail wind.:up:
hi what should she do we are runing choppers

You'll need the rated HP for that - I was told to look at the back of the where the fuel pumps are for that information - hope that helps!

Not to mention prop sizes, rev range, and gear ratios to get an accurate answer! :)


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Spectre 30 Cat (Tri 2.5 Offshore) 100 radar Hot Boat 10/95
" " (T Merc 225 PM 88.7 radar Powerboat 8/96
" " “Sport Master gearcase) 96.1 radar Powerboat

96.1 !!!! someone has stolen 5 of my miles per hours! :angry:
Ive got to say, I love those Spectre Cats!

There is a Repo one in the states with twin 525sc's. :hugegrin:
marshan 21

i got a brand new old stock marshan 21 with all the paperwork just being rigged ill copy all i have ;-):up: