Berthing/Access to Christchurch

Admiral P. Brain

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Mar 15, 2004
Does anyone know of any marina/berths for wkend use in Christchurch?

Also it it easy to get up the river, what are the tide restrictions for RedMist ?
Admiral P. Brain said:
...what are the tide restrictions for RedMist ?
Same as for any other boat (of a similar draft) I reckon! :hugegrin:
Why don't you just look in the almanac? :)
Its at home in Poole and i am stuck in London till late Fri night!!!

want to make the trip first thing sat am..... have some friends who now live in Christchurch so wanted to pick them up on route to 11am IOW race, then stop over there sat night....

can some kind person scan it ??

thks P Brain
Looking at the almanac (I haven't been to Christchurch by boat) it doesn't look great. High tide on Sat is about 11.20am at the entrance and around 11.50 at the quay (about midway between springs & neaps). The bar/channel is liable to shift(!) and the channel inside the harbour is narrow and mostly shallow (approx 0.3m) soft mud. Mean ranges are 1.2 sp and 0.7 nps. Floods and droughts cause considerable variation from predicted heights. :eek: The River Stour is navigable at HW up to Tuckton and the River Avon up to the first bridge. Apparently there is a limited number of alongside berths for monohulls with a max LOA of 9m. Contact Christchurch Sailing Club on 01202 483150.

I hope someone else posts to either correct me or (miraculously) tell me I'm right!!!


Hi what's your draft??
Christchurch is a tad shallow, however it is very do'able with care, we run there all the time and see relativly large, 40-43 footer MOBO's. beware is following Yachts, majority are either bilge keelres or lifters.



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