Berts P21

Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28


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That is the model before the Captains, and has a riveted screen, the later ones being moulded as part of the deck
cheers jon what do you reckon
Earlier Model

bert said:
cheers jon what do you reckon

Beautifull Eh!


If theres one thing i learnt from doing about £700 in fuel in the last 6 months just viewing ole shite........the age of a hull is totally irrelevant...........Condition is King!

If you were happy thinking its an early 90's then let it be one.........if it looks that cool and its been around 20 odd years, then look after it and im quite sure it'll see another 20 odd.

Looks very nice indeed....think hulls are the same, but JF's obviousely your man on that.

I'd genuinly be interested to know/ see how shes rigged.


cheers for your comments are you going to the poker run in southampton on july 10th just booked up today
Actually there is quite a big difference on the hulls, (just pestered steve agin) the biggest improvement in the later design of hull was, when running in flat water, trimmed right out as far as you dare, flat out, the earlier one would walk about a bit, and generally feel a bit 'loose', where as the newer will run very fast, and sit as steady as a rock.
The main difference on the deck is the riveted screen, in these two pics, the fwd sections of the hull look very similar, but as I understand it, on the old one, the inner most spray rails stop about 3 feet short of the transom, where as on the later, they run right back to the transom, and form a kind of pad, this is the same design as the 20' Excel OCR boat.

we could get the Capitaan and Bert to take pics of the lower transom area, and post them as comparison, as it's hard to explain.


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I got the drawings of my model 21 if that helps. Want me to post them!

I'll have to scan'm 1st.

Mr Baker at his finest....."here you go son, have a copy of the drawings to 4 of my boat models, BUT I really dont think you want one.....i'm not sure it'll be your cuppa tea"

Hull Scan

Not that can just make out the pad.


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