Best Merc 2.5's?


Apr 10, 2004
Cruising area
Southern Norway
Boat make
Phantom 25
2 x Merc 2.5 EFI SS

After this season I will convert from a single Promax 300 SVS to a twin Merc 2.5's. It proved to be too heavy to hang two PM 300 SVS on my ol' Phantom. The boat builder advised strongly two 2.5's due to the balance of the setup.

A nice guy in UK runs a similar boat with twin Merc 2.5 SS (280 HP and 15 inch mids) engines, and top speed is in the upper 90-ties.

I do not know so much about the Merc 2.5 other than one is 260 HP and one 280 HP. I am looking for the best version into longvity, and the possibility to tweak to 300 HP.

If I am correct the Brucato PCU can not be used on latest version of Merc 2.5 (280 HP). Is is easy to change the electronics into 260 version, allowing the use of the PCU? Can SVS Intake be used on the new version 2.5?

Or should I go for a Merc 2.5 (260 HP), add a SVS Intake and a PCU? I presume I need a new alternator then?

Down to basic. Which is the best engine? Max rpms should be 7500.

Cheeeers and thanks,

Toffen G

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