Bit dead round here...

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Mar 13, 2004
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Guess it's that Sunday Night slump...

All snoozing on the sofa no doubt...
Any boating adventures to report?

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The only thing I could do in your absence "mom" was working Friday until late, same with yesterday and I came home about an hour ago to do some preparing work for tomorrow. Glad to see you back. It has been very quite as you can see nearly no posts
:cool: :cool: :cool:
You have then see more than I have, I still haven´t been to Cornwall yet, closest I´ve been is to Plymouth. Did yoy go to Land´s End?
I saw the first boat had been put in water in our marina over the weekend, on Thursday we are going to celebrate first day of summer all businesses and schools are having day off celebrating the winter is officially over this time.
:banana: :banana: :banana:
Oh yeah it is broad daylight around 5.30 in the morning and wouldnt get dark until 10 in the evening so I am getting more optimisted each day and doesn´t need my Panadol at the moment
Bogi :eek: :rolleyes: :D :drool: :frown: :laugh:
Yeah I need to get the boat ready and find time to put it on water and find time to enjoy. I am having Dutch colleage over next week then following week I´m in US then colleage from Norway are over and week after colleage from Sweden so most of May will be passing without much fun apart from business fun.
Bogi :dizzy: :cry: :cool: :mad: :hot: :cool:
I thought you's wuz goin' off to France sometime.
Hello everyone, :banana:

We have been away for a while and have just returned, we went to the Isle of Wight and then on to Dorset. It was great to get away for a while

Chris is even more eager to get our Rib on the Solent now, me well, I am even more afraid :eek: We went over on the fast ferry and the waves have put me off......:sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

Chris will probably post some pictures :wink:
No wonder BM was dull last week if everybody where on move hope things will be back in order nice seeing you back Willowkis.
Bogi :wave: :wave:
True, I could but when nobody is browsing the site or posting I tend to feel :yawn: and want to :cry: because there is nothing new so I feel very :sick: and would need to take in Paroxetin to cheer me up to be able to face the day but now as you all are back I can put that aside now :D
Bogi :dizzy: after taking Paroxetin

:wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:
You are lucky to be able using Lesithin and Lactose for surviving when others need heavier stuff :D I was a bit active on the other site last week.
Nice try I have never been to this site maybe I should for cheering up, the only forums I do is RN and BM occasionally to see what Jon Baldur is writing on which is car site and there he is under the name of Barbrady
Bogi :cool:
I agree the live was much duller and dummer before discovering RN and BM and it gives adrenalin new meaning playing along on the Torkin Bollix and Other stuff part of the forums, and definately you have a lot to keep up the moral Missus. Good work and keep up the spirit my dear :cool: :cool: :up: :speechles
Bogi - the :dizzy:
You will outperform anyone in that race for sure :D
Bogi the :worthy: "servant"
That I was going to mention look like the "Bl***y Westfjord to me wind blowing, often raining too. :angry::flame: but although thing is with its all beauty and beast I would not want to live elsewhere and most of visitors coming to the country and go out on the countryside do fall in love with our nature :lol:lol: :lol:lol:
Bogi the :hot: "anti naturist"

Going out for :tea: will be back in 45 minutes, yes we have decent :tea: time
Yepp we are allowed internet all time, lunch goes for 75 minutes, I occasinally do some work around here :aaahhh: you know somebody have to be the lazy bloke when he has more than one job to do :bang:
Bogi - the :eek: fellow

Good achievement Missus :up: :up:
Hopefully JK will not set up if you have got certain minus points you will be banned from the forum that would be sad day for us
:D :argue: :aaahhh: :confused: :cool: :frown:
I know sometime my humour goes over boundries :bang: and it occasionally get me into trouble :duell: well I have to live with that :down: somehow :hugegrin: and withdraw myself for a moment :zzz:
I like your sense of humour Bogi & think you do brilliantly in English. I'd like to see some of us try to communicate half as effectively in another language,

Missus:cheers: :up: :seaman:

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