Blinkin Women!!!!


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Mar 21, 2004

my missus wants to know if the shops in weston are open on sunday? and shes panicing about what she can wear on the boat cus shes gonna be cold.....:bang:
Yup all the shops are open on sunday, and the pubs;)

just wrap up warm for boating and remember gloves
we got spare life jackets, if its rough we could talk cye into taking jet bike as well cus its ace fun in the rough unless u stuff it through a wave and drink half of weston bay because u are screaming at the time:D

Which 1 of you wants to go with JBD?

i will tell you who is more of a nutter after you have decided;p;
I'll sit in with the nuttiest fecker:D

My mrs will probably go shopping............ depends how the weather is , last time she came out with me from hythe to cowes in a little 14' seaquel, head on wind, raining we got absolutely soaked, not from the rain, from the 20 gallons of water we stuffed into through a few of the bigger waves:aaahhh:

Good fun though:devilish: