bloody electrical problems!


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Oct 21, 2008
isle of wight
Cruising area
solent/round island if i got enough fuel!
Boat name
Boat make
marshan 18/crusader 17
merc xr2/ merc115
Can anyone help on this problem? Been trying to run in my rebuilt XR2 but I've tried to get it out four times now and it just wont get past 2/3000 revs.
I've gone thru all the coils of which four were cracked so I replaced them.
Then on checking the voltage to the switch boxes I noticed only 60/70 volts on the blue low speed stator wires and sod all on the red high speed wires.
So now after sending off to America for a new stator from CDI and replacing that, it's made no bloody difference at all! Still no voltage on the red wires. I only have a maplins automotive multi meter but I'm thinking it's not that. What else do I test/ change? Thought of switch boxes but surely there should be voltage to them straight from the stator? Trigger? voltage regulator? summer's passing by and I'm getting more p****d off!
call me on 07702 958175 i can sort it

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