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May 17, 2004
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I want to buy a boat in th U.K. , now I have a little problem. The trailer is no longer registered when I purchase the boat. Here in Germany I can buy a plate for export. My question is , is it possible to get such plates in the U.K too? How much will it cost, How long will it take to get it and final where can I get them.
thank you
i know somebody who just exported a couple of boats to mexico who had the same problem, he ended up taking the plates off another trailer in the end and it worked fine .:D
Aaaarggghh. Do i smell Piracy?
Hi Andree,
I would stick the german plates on the trailer - and take it home one dark evening. ;)

That's what i'm planing to do when I go and pick up my Phantom..
Where is your Phantom coming from?
Hello jonny,
From the Netherlands..
finishing up the deal this evening..
I see, was it made there, or in the UK?
In the UK - as far as i know..

dare I ask why :(
just wondered.

Before you buy, see if you can get the HIN number from the st/bd transom.
Then we can ascertain it's year/origin
I'm no expert on OB's, but I would say that if your main requirment is pleasure, skiing etc, I would go down the std domestic motor route, and avoid the aggro, noise and fussyness of a race engine, also the simpicity of things like oil injection should be an attraction for pleasure use.

I would say the same for the engine lifter too, unless you're really into top end performance, i'd give it a miss, as it's one more thing to go wrong.
Not quite the answer I was hoping for but thanks anyways ;)
I pulled on calm sunday. The seller brought my boat to the ferry and I pulled it from Rotterdam to Kiel. Nobody noticed the US tripple axle trailer is not legal.;p; . Good luck bringing home your phantom.

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