Boat Repairs

Jul 13, 2004
Cruising area
Windermere - River Ribble
Boat name
Boat make
Marina 12ft
Mercury 700
i Have a indentation form the previous owner in the outer skin of a double skin hull.

I have used a filler i brought from a local marina on the outside and a fibre glass kit on the inside around the area of the indentation to be safe.

But what is next im new to this and not sure.

it is an orange boat with a blue load of filler.

any help PLEASE

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stevecarrcross, is this on the hull of your marina? Are you sure its double skinned? Mine isn't, (but that doesn't mean they're all like it)

Is the repair under the water or on the side? Are you trying to match gelcoat or paint?

The quickest fix would be to borrow a pantone colour chart, find the colour of your boat and go to your local auto paint supply shop and have them mix up a spray can of that colour. Spray it, polish it, and it should pass the ten yard test! Or you can tow the boat to the shop and have them match the colour, probably easier!

Alternitively, if it's on the side of the boat put a stripe or sticker over it and put one to match on the other side.