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Captain Chaos

The Doc
Mar 12, 2004
Wind assisted, i'm picking the phantom up tomorrow, with the jaw-ache and nervous energy, i'm finding it hard to sleep, so thought i'd post some brief pics of last-weeks trip to spain.

just in case any of you lot are the least bit interested:no:
going up the costa blanca

before lunch, and we let "Monkey" take control (whilst auto was on of course)..............note his choice of beverage.......not so sure thats RYA approved.............mind you, nor's the milky tan and six pack:duell:


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Just past benidorm, Captain opens the throtles

thats the furthest my arm stretched.....


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Bet u cant wait Captain when will we see her off the sunny shores of Essex?
Night 1 - Moraira

Captain Senior instructs Mamuel to "fill her up".......... Spanish Red Cross do an amazing job of resuscitating him after he is given the bill:well:

Beautifull little spanish town


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25 miles to Ibiza

Joined by some friends, one of the most spectacular experiences ever. Got a couple of great mpg's. If JF wants to host one for me...i'll email it to him.

truelly amazing!


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Ibiza beckons

Me ole man (Terry Venables) and his mate (Dr Mark Sloane) guide us in without the use of thier not to spoil the perfect tanning pose!


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Pacha Disco @5am

Once in Ibiza, the hairy person decided to sit and enjoy a beer by the beach......22 san miguels later and he's off (being shaperoned by my good self) chatting to the ladies and havin a boogie.

notice that even with the specs on, he's having a blinkin hard time trying to focus...or indeed stand-up!


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Safe & sound in Majorca

i'm off to catch a cab to the airport & to skam my way into the spanish coach-drivers bar to watch the footie!

hope this wasnt too boring!


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Nice pics Lawrence, I take it you made the flight then!
Dear lord, that one in the zebra dress is quite scary. Did you become popular once you explained you had a 21 footer?

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