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Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
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South Coast
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Phantom 28
this week! What a shame a whole years 'Bollix' have been lost.(nearly 14000 posts!)
Hopefully we can kick start things and re-populate these empty boards as quickly as poss.

I'd like to take this oportunity to thank John Kennett for his help and support trying to restore the original database to over the last week or so, he is a gentleman.

Thanks also go to Steve Stamper AKA 'Petrol Head' for 'putting us up' on 'Pontoontalk' during our hour of need, thanks Steve.

So come on ye post whores, what are you waiting for? bring it on!
Well done JK.

You could reinstate your Phantom build Jon. And leave the techi pictures this time. :)
jw. said:
And leave the techi pictures this time. :)

What d'ya mean? 'leave the techi pictures this time'
Well, last time I looked, your gallery was full of pics of some flashy white boat with yellow lettering.

Perhaps I looked in the wrong place.


It didn't take you long to find that fkin avatar, Fuller. :p

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