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Mar 13, 2004
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It has been brought to my attention that there are several unmarried and highly eligible gentlemen out there who wouldn't mind meeting Miss Right (Miss Alright will also do :D)

I am prepared to ask around for ye but I am to be invited to any Boatmad weddings where I shall get as drunk as a Lord and sing Happy Birthday like any other embarrassing auntie would do :lol:lol:

Missus Compassionate and Caring

BTW don't be in any rush. Marriage is a lot of laundry, hoovering, fighting over the remote control, putting the bins out etc. etc.
(Worse still she mightn't like boats so next thing you might have to flog your pride & joy on EBAy :eek: )
Great idea, just wait till Google find this thread, every search made from now one will have

"Missus Marriage Agency" at the top :no:

Surely the whole idea of a bloke getting married is to get away from laundry and domestic chores ? or have I missed somfink ?

anyway, find me a wife and I will buy you the hat :three:

i could do with a bit on the side?
ooh sailor!

post edited,

help if i took notice what i was doing when i got more that one page open!!:brain:

Missus. can you get my mate "Ace" a bird??? he's a propper sailer (works on gas tankers for shell), he's got a few quid, is a real laugh and is packing a big wanger.........but is a real no-show with the ladies!!!

(well other than the oriental ones that come aboard his ship in the middle of the south china sea!!):jaw:

all boys schools do that sorta thing to a man!:wink:

OOh, he lives down your neck of the woods 'n all

Nope no booze tonight!

Anyways i dont drink, and also the sea is pink and red london buses are green!

Do you reckon "ACE" has got a chance with one of Miss's mates?
Don't know about my wimmin mates after last nite (completely forgot I had a hen night to go to... :eek: )

Most ain't into botes either...

BUT as you're one of the good guys on Boatmad effort shall be made for your friend.

Missus :wave:
04:24 oo er.
Hen Night :aaahhh: doesn't seem like your 'bag' missus :brown: :sperm: :sperm: :shag: :three: :three: :puker: :brown: :puker:
So Missus how was Exmouth ? bit bumpy out there today perhaps ?

Yes it was a little bumpy :well: :sick:
terminator said:
So Missus how was Exmouth ? bit bumpy out there today perhaps ?


It was A-MAZING.

Will do a full trip report with a few piccies on the cruising thread.

The boat certainly loved it!!!!

Big thanks to Mark Wildey our host...

AND we met a famous forumite!!!!

Missus (fell asleep early :yawn: )
Hi Missus
Did you go to Exemouth ???????
I was there but did not know you were going, would have like very much to have met you, what were you wearing or any distingusing features that would set you apart from everyone else.

:worthy: :worthy: :worthy:
rubber dub tub said:
any distingusing features that would set you apart from everyone else.

Very powerfull tounge and jaw muscles! :bolt: :well:
and a very very big pair of ears
SSShhhhhh! she'll hear ya :hatchet: :bolt:


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do my eyes decieve me or is that a leprechaun..........or is it a leprekate

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