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Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
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South Coast
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What d'ya reckon on a Parade? as in, a thread with each member puting up a pic of their naked sorry, didn't mean that!

What I meant was a photo of each member (no pics taken 30 years ago in B&W tending to young an all')

So we have an idea of the kind of monster we're talking to :lol:lol: It would be more 'intimate'.

If this is a **** idea, just say so.

PS. I don't need to post any pics of me coz you've all seen me in 'Playgirl' already...aint that right girls?
Is the world ready for this?!?! :drool:

Seriously, though, I know one prominent Boatmad person who prefers anonymity. Although, I guess she could always submit a carefully chosen photo.
Mrs Nobber said:
I guess she could always submit a carefully chosen photo.
Please refer to above post re; 30 year old B&W pics!
Brown paper bags can be aranged for those who are aesthetically challenged.....Tony....and gArf :D :pirate: :bolt::bang: :well:
:D :D :bang: :worthy: :tea:

Thanx lover!
Yeah, I corrected it, smartipants put me straight :wank: ...chinscratcher! :yawn:

If you lot want a pic of Lawrence "the face that broke a 1000 mirrors" philp.....then i'll oblige!
i dont care ill go first then


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I'm quite capable of picking my own picture, stick to posting pictures of yourself thabnkyou:banana: :booty:
now your not the only one with a mask


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now if you all ask nicely i will post a pick of my girlfriend
remember beauty is only skin deep,and theres a whole lot of it
Great idea

As this is another thread thats become a P!55TAKE like others (i inclusde myself in that).

just thought i'd give my 2 penneth, think its a great idea Jon, it's be really cool if it were on the main boatmad site as a members page. everyone could have a bio, pic of them and or boat.

i'd even be prepared to borrow me mates wide angle lense for my camera!
I'm in for a Member's section on the main Boatmad site!


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