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Mar 13, 2004
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We finally got round to putting the BM stickers on our rib to find, they are no good :cry: In trying to peel them the backing paper has clearly stuck fast.... Would it be possible to get a couple of replacement ones please? :up:
willowkis said:
We finally got round to putting the BM stickers on our rib to find, they are no good

It certainly is tricky getting the stickers un-peeled from the backing. When they were cut, the blade went a little deep, and scored the surface of the waxed backing paper, causing it to tear away with the sticker if great care is not taken, but it is normally do-able. (I've sent out 30-odd now, all from the same batch, and most people managed in the end)

I don't have any more at present.
Thank you for replying. We'll have another try... :up:
Johnson said:
I don't have any more at present.


After our short convo the other day, I made another batch to add to all the dog-ear'd ones i've had for donkeys!

As promised, will send ASAP.

when i'm good n ready!!

besides, i'm exhausted of what little comic ability i ever had!


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Matt said:
How was the wedding?

Full of pissed people including my Mum!!!

I chose to be the responsible saddo that kept it all-together. which was a damn good idea really as there was a quality bitch-fight between two sozzled sisters right at the i did me bouncer bit!

My mate chose the most amazing locations, really cool.

I got up at 1.30pm so no boating for me again!!!

Matt said:
Lozza, are you an artistic type of guy?
This is a serious question, surprisingly

Put it this way matt, I'm a piss artist if that helps!!

I did design tech "A's" so i know the basics.

When I did the ole HND and what i could be aresed to do of the degree, most of my modules were split between 2 faculties... Art & design or Science & engineering.

I was always the poorest drawer in the art based modules and always had the least technical knowhow of the science bods.

I like to think i know what looks good and what doesnt, but thats the easy part.....creation is everything,

wait a few weeks till i do the phantom graphics and judge for yourself!!!

Spoke to the baby earlier..........i'll do whatever you/ he problemo

when i had my original fletcher, i managed to copy these ok


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