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Has anyone used a Boxer engine in a boat?
How about an inverted hydraspa pad on the rear of the hull pumping air instead of water. bit like an upside down air hockey table.
to reduce surface drag

If you have a surface such as the hull planing over the surface of water, friction will increase along with speed.

So what designers have been trying to do for years is to unstick the hull and thus reduce friction, hence the stepped hull. However this caused a lot of headaches as the moulding process becomes more difficult with stepped hulls.

So if you take a conventional Deep V hull and pump air out through the hull and onto the waters surface you will disturb the water stiction and release the grip the water has on the hull by a significant amount and thus unsticking the hull from the friction and enabling higher cruise and top speeds for a lesser amount of fuel.


You could alter the characteristics of the rear of the boat to be like a hovercraft.
R-Don said:
Has anyone used a Boxer engine in a boat?

Eduardo Polli ran a Class I boat in the early 90s with four Subaru boxer engines. If memory serves, they were each 12 cylinders and turbocharged.

I don't believe he ever finished a race.

So why didnt he ever finish a race with that set up?

Engines? Drives?
R-Don said:
Has anyone used a Boxer engine in a boat?
Edwardo Poli had four subaru flat summit or other turbos in his class one cat SDA which usually ran very quick for half a lap or so.

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The Konrad (spelt it wrong last time)

This is not really a 'Bravo style' drive, but is as close to a domestic drive as you can get without stepping into the race bred stuff.
R-Don said:

So why didnt he ever finish a race with that set up?

Engines? Drives?

Engines, drives and gearboxes etc. The whole thing was far too complicated and one piece or another always let go.
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Don't tell greenpeace

I'm not in your league when it comes to budget for 'fuel costs', so I gotta stick with the stinkboat motors :violin:
Its not a matter of fuel costs,

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