Bow Tank


Tenerif, nice place
Aug 16, 2008
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom Copy 28 (Not Rafffshore)
Yamaha 2x250
I need a Phantom Bow Tank, anybody sell one?
As much as for gerrard for the Real, jajajaj
Theres one in my 25,i am putting an 8ft. long fuel tank centre of boat and wont need bow tank,make us an offer and sort your shipping out,might aswell go the whole hog and knock you up a new 4 wheeled trailer,braked and galvanised,i only use indespension parts,what does your 28 weigh?:cheers:
Hi Dan. First of all, thank you for you kindly reply.
I am a bit lost and what my boat was unstable and I think a bow tank could solve some problems. I do not know how much it cost, so please tell me how much do you want for it.
I cant tell you right now my boat weight, aprox 1.500 Kg

Why are you going to install fuel tank instead of water tank? Any help to find solutiones for my boat, are wellcome

Cheers, Juan
Hi Juanto,putting an inboard in,losing the back up to 60",where new bulkhead will be for engine bay,putting a single,long range,ally tank 24"x8"x100" between the stringers,which goes right up well beyond the dash,with my trim tabs and the weight of me and my codriver,doubt we will need a bow tank,try some sand bags up your nose before committing to a bow tank,see how she handles then,when you say yours is unstable,in what way?Bet your still lovin it tho.
It is unstable because in low speed, between 30-35 MPH, with all trim down the bow tend to go up, and I need to give more throttle in order to get my boat down. Around 50-55 Mph, the bow tend to go too down and I have to trim up a little, but start to jump, so I cant drive more than 60-65, it is impossible to get the bow straight.
I am lost. I do not Know if I must have my engines higher or lower on my Jack Plates. I am running with 25 pitch.

Trial and error mate,welcome to BOATMAD.If your nose is down at half revs sounds like engines are bit high,knock em down a notch and have another go,just keep playing with it till you feel comfortable driving it,would love to be there to help,my kind of boat,my kind of problem.:cheers: