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Jul 8, 2004
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Hi there, got myself a former skiracing boat as project. Somehow the bow tank set up seems to be changed so I need you to tell me how that used to look like.

What I got is a water pick up on the transom that can be lowered manually to fill the tank. 2nd. there's a simple ball valve installed that will open a hose to drain the tank again through the transom.
Now the water pick up looks ok. But the hole in the transom under the waterline...?
btw. the boat is a Phantom21.

Awaiting your advice.
You only empty the tank when you're moving forwards....the water will want to run aft and thus drain once the valve is opened.

I'm not quite sure, but your pickup may have 3 settings, fill, neutral ans the other allows air to travel up to the tank in order to help force the ater out.

Nice boat those 21 any pics?
The drain is completely normal under the waterline - the water needs to run down hill to empty the tank as completely as possible, and when on the plane it will be above the waterline anyway!

One thing that you need to check is that the bow tank has vents double the size of the intake - scooping up water at 60 + mph without sufficient vents can end up with a lot of water and broken fibreglass inside the boat!

Some pickups are a combined fill and dump so you only need one hose which is probably the one the Captain has seen - otherwise the vents will allow venting.

Hope that helps?

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