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Mar 12, 2004
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I should take delivery today of my new 3G card for my laptop, 384kbps wireless mobile internet connection!

Will report on it's performance when I've played with it.
Johnson said:
Will report on it's performance when I've played with it.

Dont expect too much're gettin on a bit now mate........If you get an upload problem.......I suggest you use a couple of those purple-diamond thingies!:drain:
Just ordered a high speed conection for work from Wanadoo / Freeserve - twice the speed of BT and cheaper with no limit!
Johnson said:
Will report on it's performance when I've played with it.

downt gett doin dis inn pubblik yew nobbur. yewl gett fkin arestid(agen)

wots wiv byin orl dis noo stuf orl de fkin tyme. i fink yorr a shoppaolic. orl mi fkin stuf iz aynshunt. eyve evun ad de saim brewm forr twennty fkin yeers. mynd yew itts ad forr noo heds an fyve noo handuls.

thay downt maik em lyke dat enymorr.

Re: Re: broadband

The gArfish said:

thay downt maik em lyke dat enymorr.


de broomes orr de Joaks

BT now say's I can now habe Broadband so I don't have to wait quite so long for full on images to appear (Boats of course).

Who would you recomend for me to spend mi pennies with Wanadoo / AOL / whoever else.

Never, never AOL, Pipex good support, Wanadoo I think are the cheapest.

Well I quite like AOL! nice simple browser with integrated email, view subject and sender of emails BEFORE having to open the fkkrs, vital if you're still on dial-up. but wodoo i know, i'm a nobber.
Very interesting site Mark, it's shocking how the prices vary for the same service between one provider and another!

The jury is definitely still out on my 3G wireless Broadband! so far it's rather disapointing.

I guess the software that comes with the card shows signal strength. Do you have a strong signal.

What I did with my wireless ( 64bit WEP for all amateur WarDrivers out there ) is pick a site with a decent download and then test it at different distances.

I've only got 802b ( 22 thing speed ) and that works fine. Unless of course your trying to stream some hardcore into the privacy of your upstairs toliet :wank: , when your WAP is downstairs

Second site of the day is

Whatever you do enable WEP


Mark, it's not regular Wi Fi, it's a G3/GPRS mobile card, the poot has an 802g (54MBPS) built in, which I use on the wireless at home, and when away where available (if free)
But this jobbie works on the 3G mobile phone network (remember the one the mobile service providers paid £9 billion to the government for licencing for!), and SHOULD run at speeds up to 384kbps, we'll see!
nothing wrong with aol, 1 meg link, free customer support not a pound a minute like some. no download limit and about the same price as all the others
and a lovely voice that says you have email
Burty said:
and a lovely voice that says you have email

Joanna Lumley! TD's fave tart!
Thank's for the info and Mark for the links.

Had wondered about wireless - now realise no meassy trails of cables to the house's smallest room for those special urls.

I am now getting busy with sorting some broadband.
Wireless is a must! (assuming you use a lapdancer, sorry laptop)

I was inspired by the Jackeen's wireless system at their home. It really makes things so simple, and if you have a centrino thingy, and thus you have decent battery life, you are truly wireless (I have P4 laptop, so battery life is under 2 hours :frown: :cry: )

The Orange 3G/GPRS card was a bit of a letdown, never once saw what I would consider 'broadband', software was a bit flakey, and generally pissed me off. a mate bought the Vodafone equivalent a couple of days ago, which seems to be way superior, so after a couple of rows on the phone with Orange (I was outside the 14 day money back jobbee) they agreed to take it back, and this afternoon I bought the Voda version (online with it now)
Will report findings soon.

Johnson said:
(I have P4 laptop, so battery life is under 2 hours :frown: :cry: )


how can you tell people what sort of laptop you got you saddo!

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