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Mar 23, 2004
South West
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South West
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Bernico 21
Mercury F1, 300 Drag, XR2 "Fingerported"
Ask Burty about his visit under the sea last night.
Sub mariner Burty Stuff Dude decided to jump the waves in a following sea:wank: Good idea:dizzy:
As he landed he went through the next wave and stopped dead:drain: :drain: :drain:
Still he had a good eye wash.

Any comments Jonny boat dude.

South West Water Official Tester

Ah now, I'm sure Burty meant to do it. He was probably checking the clarity of the water or summat. ;) :D
No need for water tests!
It was Weston Super Mare everyone know the Water quality.
i was mearly testing to submarine capabilities of your wife's jet bike and giving myself a good clean out at the same time water went into every hole in my body!:*******:
this jet bike!!


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News flash

Sea life centre at W-S-M have aggreed to sponsor Burty's next underwater expedition, they were very interested in his previous findings below:drain: :drain: :drain: :drool:

Sky bound

I think Jonny was bird watching, or maybe he forgot his sun glasses and thought using the nose of the boat to block the sun was a good idea.:dizzy:
The trim was fine :angry:


Same again this weekend if your up for it :up: it seems to be getting windier and windier as the days go by :D
Same again

Jonny I up for it.
As long as Burty winge pants is.
Maybe we could get him to take a pic this time for everone to see:puker:

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