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Mar 13, 2004
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I know it's not "Politically correct", but I thought it might be fun to see who can come up with a caption for this photograph.

Stolen from a US of A forum!


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Conversation on Jet Ski between two fat oul tarts.

Mr Davis:... Go that way Dougal!

Mr Forsyth:... No-No we wanna go thata way Tony!

Mr Davis:... The Doughnuts are definitely that way you dumb ass copper!

(this is of course a private joke between me, fatboy Davis, and "the filth" AKA Dougal Forsyth)
"No matter how much throttle I give it, it just won't plane!!!"
From the husbands

"Now were is that bloody shark"
'kin Hell! Now I feel much better about my "ample" proportions at least.....

first time I ever felt sorry for a Jet Ski too.......

How about?

" Three seater, my ass!"
Looks like Ted the Drunk Woman killer Rape enabler Worthless Marxist Kennedy…Cannot see the Brand but Teddy’s weapon of choice is an Oldsmobile.

Caption should read; Danger Alcohol Bladder Keep away from open flame.
Hi Steve, welcome to ;)

Please feel free to post some stuff about your cats, and history in racing, especially in the middle east.

For those who don't know, Steve Koss is the designer/builder of the Cheetah catamarans from the US (and the middle east)
did you bring the rufees

And Garfie said if i brough my sister we could have a threesum:three:
That would be the equivelent of a fivesum!
Not many people know this

There was asong by a couple of big Mama's called the 'Weather Girls. It's Raining Men' . before they wuz called the 'Weather Girls' they wuz called 'Two Tons Of Fun'
Hey Rosalie,

Checkout those studs over there, quick pass me the lip gloss i think one of thems giving me the eye!!! :drain:
Just feel sorry for hte bloke that has to wake up next to that in the morning, especially if his paper bag fell off :speechles


Pity we don't have there e mail addresses, would love to send them this link

Matt said:
I'll have a 2 X Large big mac meals, 20 chicken nuggets and 4 doughnuts to go.

Huh, lightweights! that should read:

I'll have a 2 X Large big mac meals, 20 chicken nuggets and 4 doughnuts to go.

And I'll have the same with a triple thick shake.

My kind of women, slap em on the arse and ride the wave!!!!!

:D :D :D
tony davis said:
My kind of women, slap em on the arse and ride the wave!!!!!

:D :D :D

MMmnnn! Do you find yourself attracted to Fiona?
Dont worry Mister,

Ill help you find your girlfriend.

So lets see if ive got this straight, she went off with her friend on a Red Jetski right?


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Ere, Lorna don't look too bad in a bikini, does she Tone!
'That Jono Gorton Got no staying power, Four strokes and that was his lot'

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