Cat stuffing in May


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Mar 28, 2004
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This is the first picture of one of my competitors in Norway after he stuffed his boat this week-end. According to him, he has a whole series of pictures and a video him stuffing. Note the damage of the starboard pantoon... More pictures to follow when I get them!


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And for those of you that did not see how to kill a cat (from the racing forum):

A narrow escape - sorry about the quality - it's from a video. I was a heavy on the trottle... (Pic from Tvedestrand, the most northern point in the WC 3C course)


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Is that an Argo with the canopy? (nice shots by the way)
No, this is Tiblin's old Twister with a canopy, bought by Pål Virik Nilsen for this season. The second picture in the thread (the one with the link to Boatmad) was the first Argo with a Canopy, but unfortunately I killed it last year. We also had a Argo 23 with a F-16 canopy racing last year, but the canopy has been taken off.

My new Argo (23) will have the canopy (which is all that's left from the crash), and it will probably be racing this autumn in Nynäshavn (class 3C WC)

Thought I recognised it from Tvedestrand - I see he kept the laces graphics on the bow!

How well did the boat and crew stand up to the stuff? Is it still an XS200 on the back and how well is it doing when he's not crashing?
The boat has a small damage on top of the starboard pantoon, but I think it's quite easy to fix.

They are still running the XS from Tvedestrand (basically the boat is the same, apart from new sponsors), but have no real experience with it yet. I'm really looking forward in competing with him this summer, to try to compare the XR2 and the XS in our races.
I believe there will be at least one XS200 in our CIII fleet this year - Although numbers seem to be down - I will be racing with the RIB class this season althogh if the sponsorship is there maybe I will make it over to Sweden?

Just had a report on the latest UIM /cominoff meeting - I see they have banned Aspen! How will this affect the worlds?
Hi Morten

how many boats are you hoping to have in 3C this year - and how many are likely to do the Worlds in Sweden?

Hi Adam,

I think we'll have the same number of 3C boats in Norway this year, with a possible comback of an old team. Thomas Smordalen's old 3C boat (the black Argo with a F-16 Canopy) has been sold to Finland, and Tiblin's boat has been bought by Norwegian Pål Virik Nilsen - thus making the fleet "stable." To my knowledge, two of the teams will not participate in the first races of the season, due to remaining work on the boats (incl mine).

I think at least five of the Norwegian boats are coming to the 2004 Worlds in Nynäs. I know some Swedish 3B teams have switched into 3C, and some Swedish boats that did not participate in Norway will also come. The start field should be bigger than last year in Tvedestrand...


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