Changing Flywheel on 250xs

Found a YouTube video of a guy using a strap (type you use with a ratchet to hold cargo down) and a pair of mole grips instead of a flywheel holder. Seemed to work ok and wasn't damaging anything in the processes.

My eBay search for a flywheel holder found 1 item for over £100 that was pretty much what I have just described lol
Dare I ask how the 2ps work please??? Thanks Dave

Lift the starter cog up then jam the 2p between cog and flywheel teeth should stop the flywheel from turning. Go easy tho. This is not the right way but worked for me.
That's ingenious haha like it :)

Going to borrow an impact gun though. But Thanks Anyway and I will remember this idea, you never know in the future.

Cheers Dave
I don't like impact guns on cranks. Its a lot of shock loading to the crank/bearings etc, and where there is a nylock etc they dont come off to well with an impact tool. Highly recommend you DON'T do it that way.
Ok back to the strap method then. If you type in " mercury flywheel removal" there's a video on Youtube of a guy demoing on a 15hp engine. What do you think???

Thanks Dave
Its not too hard tbh. Get the nut off first then put the puller on with the little metal protector pointing the right way and then tighten it. The flywheel will suddenly pop free and then lift it off. There should be no messing about really.
Just need the flywheel haha thought it had arrived this morning, but it was a book. Ironically called Heavy Weather Powerboating

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