Check my Bad self!!!!!!!!!!


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Mar 21, 2004
These are 200 HP Yams!!!!!!!!! Overkill???????


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nuh, the more the better!!! :D

Do you think he has 8 sets of keys ;p; I wonder if they're all different.
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Could have a mexican power trim wave!!!!!
Nice leverage on the centre motors!..Yam sadles aren't the strongest in the world to start with.
Looking at some of the motors it looks like they say 250 rather than 200?

You can never have too much power on a RIB if your trying to transport small valuable packages

And one helluva fuel tank:aaahhh:
Woz chattin with a bloke at Levington Marina on Sun who does deliveries by sea. He'd just taken a 17m RIB with 8 x Yam outboards from Levington to Hull for HM Customs. Apparently the Compton Marine bloke built it - the one who alledgedly was arrested for drug smuggling and had £1 mill in cash at his gaff!:eek:

They stuck 1000l of fuel in for the trip cos they didnt know who big the tank was. At the end of the trip they had 7500l left as it was one chuffin great fuel tank!:jaw:

Mebbe the same boat?

Tony when will you be doing something like this

Probably just before he flees the country to retire to spain no doubt.

Surely there comes a point of no return were adding engines just doesn't do anything more ? and whilst I think a bit of redundancy in case the RM shoot a couple of engines up is good but eight ?

Be interesting to see if Customs sell it or put the bulldozer over it like they did with those ribs from gib a few years back.

That outrageous boat with the 8 OB's (OMC I think) looks like it could be a spoof picture...who knows, but I think it's a US1-Cougar.
Old thread - but does anyone have more pics of the 1st boat ;);) looks wicked :D

the second one is a PhotoShop job for sure ..;)
What a silly boat. I don't know if that's a crompton. But when you start looking into it, there's actually quite a number of various silly multiple engined boats in existence - most often looking very dodgy with armour plating around the console/cabin.

It beggars belief that anyone would consider 8 engines. To me, it shows a complete lack of understanding of almost every aspect of boat design (not that I really know the first thing about it)

It's arguable whether anything beyond quad engines is worth it - certainly I'm skeptical of anything with more than triple outboards - just get a pair big blocks. They'll be cheaper to buy, run & maintain.
Spoof Cougar

The Cougar US-1 is definately a spoof, first big wave would knock all of the outer motors off and stall the boat big time. We did do a US-1 38" with either triple or four Johnson 300GT's can't remember now but Pete C. or Pascoe would. That boat eventually came back to the UK minus motors as the engines were C**P and is now a race boat- non other than his Lordship's Premier Crew.

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