Chris is 47 today.

Tony Davis

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Mar 13, 2004
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Happy birthday mate, although I'm heartbroken to see that your a year and a bit younger than me, I'd have wagered you were several years older!!!

Feck me, you must have had a hard life!:D
Thanks for your kind words - and for sharing them with everyone - I would have replied earlier but I was sunning my (old) bones in Italeeee!

As for living a hard life, I'm grateful for it still being hard (!) - as your pescription costs for viagra must be eating into your pension fund !!

Dom't ask to borrow a prop again you dobber !!!!!!!
CB1 said:

Dom't ask to borrow a prop again you dobber !!!!!!!

I've sold the 50hp merc!:D
Happy birthday Chris - glad to see you're older than me! See you in Wales!
Might be older Cookie but am certainly a lot better looking!!!!:aaahhh: As for you and your prop I thought those extremes could handle a little bit more hp than that:booty: