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May 15, 2021
Hi, been boating for a while,Fairline Sunfury with Yanmar 315 diesel on Bravo 3
Now Fairline Targa 33 twin vp ad41s on vp dp 290s.
But just before crimbo acquired ( as classic project) a
Fletcher Arrow 172V ( deep v) grp, Helm to PORT!,vp 270 outdrive, fitted with a
Jaguar XK 3.8 twin carb, ( seized)
The engines out, and in shed,the boat needs some love, transom and floor blown, but repairable.
The original trailer was on the verge of rotting out, just about saved it with wax oil, bit of plate welding, lot of disc brushing, rustoleum etc etc
I have searched the Internet around and around and can't find another.!
I've joined the forum, for, boat info and help in any part of this project where I may get stuck. Never done large fibreglass repairs,or to be honest worked on that much OLD stuff, but I am enjoying it?
Not sure how to post pictures yet, but I've got loads.
Thanks for now
Hi there and welcome to the forum.

Have you tried acquiring a third party to do it for you? DIYs are hard, most of the times.
Just click the icon with the mountain above the comment box where we type to post the photos.