CNC Billet Stern Drive

Remember when I was a teenager (long time ago), there was a proper sterndrive from, I believe AMPS, as I had a model of their inshore cat but think they also did a model of Miss Enfield II (I think) which could take 2 drives and a pair of 10 cc engines. Prohibitively expensive I think my Dad said at the time.


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Or one of these @1.70 mtrs


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How about something like this !! 1520mm !!

That is F%$££"KING amazing, where did you get that from and can you put a stern drive RC engine in it
We make them for Model Marine Supplies and Yes they are Offshore models for either .90 Glow plug or 26+cc Petrol and would happily take Stern Drive !! Mine can be seen running at Torquay !! at

This one is cut down a bit and has a CMB 90 in it.Yes I know it has too much bow lift in those conditions but hope a different prop or tabs will help.
That was for the one in the picture but you can order another in your own graphics. It is just a shell and lid !!
:D :D :D

Awesome !!

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