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Aug 18, 2004
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HI from Lorenzo,
Have been a Forum guest for too long so thought I would get set and register.

Just wanted to say this is a cool forum, photos of Brighton race were awsome - it rocks. More fun than other forums I could mention.

Will be in Cowes Larging on me Pa's tub. :banana:
Hi loz, did you get my PM?

I reckon it's time we saw your little wankel out running again!

Speak to you in Cowes

There's certainly not room for two 'HIM's'! But Lorenzo Bellami is welcome anytime. ;)

Started any fires recently Loz?
It's two Norton rotary motors bolted together, driving through a surface drive.
It ran in 1.3 litre offshore in a 17' (I think) Stapely cat. sounded like a fkkn crazy bee.

Engine is now in a Frode mono through an Alpha drive
Cookee said:
How did it do?

A bit :down:

The motor(s) made a shed load of power for the 1.3 class, but the boat never really cut the mustard! there was a lot of downward angle on the oul surface drive, so the boat ran very 'wet'.

I always cheered it on tho, coz not many people take a big step sidewayz and try a whole new concept, plus of course, it had the looovely Sarah B navigating!, so it didn't matter how well it went.
One of me mates from uni (also a "Philp") was massivley Into Rx7's...mainly making huge intercoolers for'em stuff like that.

He had an old Sabre 16.....and kepty inisting he was gonna swap for his mates BMW version and retro fit a 13B (i believe) mazda into it....i seem toi think he recond it would need sommink like a 1.5:1 reduction prior to the leg coz of how high they rev!

He was insistant on calling it "Rotrary Boatary" or anything else equally as ****!

Must send him an email!

There is a web-based company that specialise in rotaries for marine use (i.e recond mazdas)

And STOP calling me a wankel!
That looks interesting! shame it's not a bit more powerful.

Setup looks a little messy too.
Yes, that's the fella.
Hello Lorenzo. Glad to see that you have come aboard. How are your Mom and Dad?

Look forward to seeing you at Cowes in the wet pits. Rumour has it that I'm throttling Mr. Noisy but I've tried this a couple of times before so I'm just looking forward to a nice weekend.
Hi thanks for all the replies - go away for ok 3 days and how many - Delay due to living next to the V Festival in Chelmsford - its ok and cool - just 80,000 new neighbours for the weekend half a mile or so away. Music is good though.

Jon - tried to send a reply to your pm not sure if it worked. Plus I want to get a picture onto my profile - have yet to work that one properly to.

Glad to hear Mr Noisy will be out good luck with Little Miss Reliable and those V8s in the engine room . My Mum and Dad are doing fine lots of cruising including Festival of Power - lots of rain apparently. Sunseaker cruise - lots of rough water over the channel. Plus D-Day.:jaw:

It's been a long time since I had a wankle - running. Think the sound was best described as Angry Bee as Jon say's when it worked - exhaust had a tune all of its own. Disasters ranged from fire, flood, batteries smashed, smashed prop, lost prop, near sinking (in port & out of), whirling prop shaft then clunk, engine mounts, exhaust blows, overheats, carb icing, fuel pumps - numerous recoveries.

Handling of Manx Cat - no trim so if it did go fast (Shoreham river strange how 60mph translates to 5kts) it would try to flip - In sea would try to barrel role off waves hence we had tabs on a cat - I have photos of the Cat at some strange angles. The fins were another story. The cat sorry to say ended up as fire wood for a Nov 5th bonfire- still think it did make some cover shot of a load of boats in was it Powerboating? I can be seen fueling up I know now not allowed.

Think we did not value the Navigator (Sarah my sister) she had fuel tanks behind and either side of her - engine in front gearbox & propshaft between her feet. Plus her grab handle was B&Q bathrooms finest - But in 92 we did have to ask a Peddalo off Sandown Pier which way to Cowes during the round the island (I realise I have some issues on that front) . But it was fun.

The Power was always there on the Dyno - never translated in the water appart from Hull up wind - think the drive train was wrong, high losses, prop loading was not stable with thrust going in various directions, boat would kick to the side off waves. The Mono - this is in 94 - eventually did get it running sorted the exhaust (lots of issues with water in the combustion chamber due to massive overlap) engine would run - managed to get 55mph+ in Shoreham Harbour on some old ali two blade 14x17 with lots of acceleration. Will get some photos.

But after the winter in 94 then chose to go racing with Mr Cutler in Heavy Metal and Large It. Motor has sat on-top of a cupboard from then on. Would like to get it running again time, family, work all count against just now.

By chance has anyone heard from Ian, Miranda and Thor post Hurricane in Fl. Had a great time with them this time last year.

I will leave the cape wearing to Mr Chaos as my Twienies Dot-Man cape seams to of shrunk in the wash.

LorenZo (Has Been Powerboat Ligger) Bellamo
Captain - Can't seem to get that link to work?

It'd be good to hear the old screamer again, (and the Norton).

I've spoken to Ian & Miranda in the last week or so, in fact Miranda is coming over on about the 14 Sept for a week to sort out some passport issues, so mebbe she'll say hi whilst over.

I look forward to seeing you in Cowes, although the weather looks like it's gonna be shite.


OH Bollocks! lets hope the Fkkrs are wrong, they might change their minds by wednesday

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