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Mar 13, 2004
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Loads of stuff I don't know about computers and I'm sure a few of you out there are in the same boat<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
but I got some toolbars that I didn't really want installed because of lookin for something else...
Just noticed recently (I'm a bit slow....well-documented) that my computer takes ages getting going (or wotever you IT peeps call it).
So I called in some techie help this evening (in the form of Jackso who was happily watchin the TV) and he's got me uninstalling stuff like nobody's business...
Seems like I have cluttered things up with adware/spyware and now another programme is spysweeping busily in the background...
I had the free virus protection software (as recommended on RN) but the time ran out on that...
And of course I was getting loads of pop-ups and keywords flashed back at me...

The point of all this is not only to illustrate how stooooopid I am but also to alert those of you who don't have virus protection to install it asap!!!!

Missus D'oh:bang:

You need to go and browse this one evening:

Download "Hijack This" and another program called "X Cleaner"

they are both free and do a good job of keeping those nasty things off your computer if you run them every so often.


{QUOTE]Jackso also said I should delete cookies regularly and delete temporary Internet files... [/B][/QUOTE]

Absolutely, along with giving it a good fragging every now and then,

OK that sounded rude but I checked with Jackso & he agrees...:D

So I'll have to sign your report card on RN:D :D


(thanks for the help in all seriousness:seaman: )
Report card, oh yes, I did have two blobs but I am back to one now as 4 people have voted against me and five for me. Any more I wil be off to see the headmaster.


Lobbying on BM for RN :D :D :D you peeps are starting thinking like politicians, rub my bag and I´ll rub yours :dizzy: :dizzy:
terminator said:
I did have two blobs but I am back to one now as 4 people have voted against me and five for me. Any more I wil be off to see the headmaster. :cry:
But I thought that you were striving for outlaw status!

Worlds oldest parliement "Althingi" have 64 comedians on payroll for entertaining the rest of us with all kinds of bulls**t :dizzy: :dizzy:

it's a hard life tho' Boggs...
Well hard life for bulls*****g is new meaning to me and I will sleep on it tonight and see wether I will be convinced in the morning :eek: :eek:
Oh no!!! We're a bad haven't started your drinking career with the Black Death have you???????????????


:brown: :facelick: :( :bang: :snooz:
Ouch "Mum" knocking my head is painful and even worse when you´re hangover :puker: :angry: :sick:
Good advice from one who's suffered... no, not drinking-wise!!!!Computers!!!

Good advice bit : Stop drinking Bogib!!!!

OK the main reason I was rattled about my computer was when we got back from our travels yesterday there was a message from a mate saying they'd had junk email from MY EMAIL ADDRESS...

So that got me checking stuff...first we thought it was her computer that was the problem as she'd recently gone shopping online for the first time but she used a very reputable site...

Two possible solutions then....

1. (a) panic and (b) install antidotes of a cleaning nature (toluene strength natch:D )


2. (a) panic and (b) drink

But since drink is not a solution Bogi!!!!! (there...... another neat segue) I'm cleaning up like nobody's business.

Missus<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>

Part 2.


if anyone out there uses hotmail...have a check...

some 'safe' addresses in my mail have been sending unsafe???attachments?

Have done another spysweep...

Not using my email currently...

So far think there's just a problem in 'Junk Mail' but Jackso & other mailers are having a problem too....

Hard to figger out completely as I'm not learned in these matters,

Missus (on a learning curve):seaman:

A propos of nuffink particularly found this link from lookin at the Rouen report (S&F FrenchP above) quite interesting...
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OK just had a really paranoid thought...:aaahhh:

Suppose ... just suppose you innocently download a piece of virus protection software which offers a free trial period ( & of course you give them details etc.)...then the trial period runs out and that's that .....except of course they want you to purchase their excellent now who's got a good incentive (& a few of your personal details)...and is well set up to do a little scaring ...thereby sending you scuttling straight back to them & a purchase...??????????

Mebbe impossible...I don't know enough...

Part 2.

(If anyone else has advice please post or pm. Thanks for help so far as peeps out there reading this may clean up their own act.

Worryingly my new 'cleaner' appears to have found a worm....

I'm trying to recall attachments etc. I have received...

And considering removing MSN Hotmail....drastic maybe...

Anyway reading about gollums and trojan horses and MSN patching is a real paranoia-breeder...

Most worryingly, peeps doing damage seem to be the peeps with the answers...

Now there's a 'lucifer'- type power !!!!)

Missus (my head hurts...can't read techie stuff)
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Reformat your hard drive, partition it, reinstall windows, buy a copy of Norton and install it before you get near the internet and get it to block fkin everthing. Keep it up to date very regularly. That bit is free and part of the package. Don't open attachments unless you are absolutely certain they are clean. Don't download anything you don't absolutely need. The only headache then is Windows itself. :)
jackeen's Missus said:
my new 'cleaner' appears to have found a worm....
What's the worm called?

Also, you should have a hardware firewall in your router?

And you have got security enabled on your wi-fi haven't you.... I did warn Paul...,1759,1570246,00.asp

Anyone with Wi-fi should follow these simple steps:
1. Change the default "admin" password for the router - use a "strong" password (letters and numbers)
2. Change the default broadcast SSID name
3. Disable broadcasting the SSID name
4. Enable 128 bit WEP encryption.
5. Allow only specified MAC addresses to register on the router.
Now only a pro can hack you thru' wireless. But they prob won't bother cos there's so many soft targets.
Spring Cleaning...

Part 1.
Thanks for all your advice JW. Really appreciate it. Will act on it. Got the one T. recommended and also EZ as recommended by JK on RIBNET. Bought it this time as ran out of free trial a while ago...
Have scanned, quarantined & deleted several times....
Spyscan found nothing on last run...

Part 2

Thanks R. Very helpful too. Will look into that when Jackso wakes from his slumber.
(Not a morning lad our Jackso)

(Very helpful advice not only for me but anyone else in a pickle...)

Missus:up: :up: :up:
(1. BTW Bloomin spam is getting cleverer all the time...anyone come across 'word-of-mouth research'? Where they claim someone is asking questions etc. The junkmail filter in Hotmail IS useful from that point of view...
2. Jackso's had an 'email' from 'me' and someone else in my safe list...
3. Pain in the neck all this but my laptop's my office so I'll keep after it.
4. Will change email address today to a 'stronger' one (sad, really as liked old one :( )
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jw. said:
Reformat your hard drive, partition it, ...

I gave you some duff info there. I forgot this is PC land. It's the other way around.

Partition into logical drives then format each one.

Keep all your files in a partition other that C then, if you have to reinstall, your files are secure. Don't keep files in the My Documents folder, don't keep personal details in the address book etc., etc. Just do it differently, then no one out there knows where to find your stuff.
Sandwiched posts here so I'm not all over the to speak.

Extremely kind & helpful JW. Many thanks. (Need to be trouble free as I keep some work stuff on here...)

I'm a bit hopeless at this but I'm learning...

You're a star. Hi to SW also :)

Missus:seaman: :up: :up: :worthy:
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I hope you've all got yer firewall software active. I've had 5 trojan attacks today, the last one a couple of minutes ago, from Madrid.

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