Cowes 98 basic


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Mar 19, 2004
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Mobjack Bay (where?)
Boat name
A Little Noisy
Boat make
Excalibur 24
Express Racing 525
First basic race at Cowes. Who won, boat, driver etc?
****, I don't remember, tony Hamilton, roger severy, tony Dowley they would be my first guess's.

Hamilton= 38 Bertram
Severy= Phantom 28
Dowley velocity 32

Gotta be one of them
One of the friendliest people ever to come into racing, albeit for a short time.

Phil Middleton 'Bad to the Bone', Excalibur 27 built under licence in Italy. His navigator was his very young son Phil Jr.
Ah,of course! lonely of reigate!

His boat is still sitting at drivers wharf looking very sorry for itself.

But what was it called before it was 'bad to the bone'?
Now you are taxing my rapidly failing memory. There was some sort of what I believed to be Japanese writing which translated to spear (nope, that's Assagai) or ????

Don't remember which is really frustrating since I had the boat on brokerage and spoke with the original owner (whose name I also don't recall) on numerous occasions.
Oh bollocks! I've set a question assuming I can answer it, and now I can't feckin remember either!

Shadow-- something

shadow warrior, no

shadow----------oh bollocks
Yes, you're right. It's shadow something. Yeah I think it's Shadow Warrior (maybe).
As you say, the name was writen in jap, or chinc or summat.
But I don't think it's shadow warrior, but summat like that

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